Does mosquito killer lamp more work than electric mosquito-repellent incense? Look at this article and don’t casually buy it.

Does mosquito killer lamp more work than electric mosquito-repellent incense?

Look at this  article and get some advices.

With the Summer coming soon, the  mosquito also begin to “wantonly” run out to find food . Of course, we are fearless. All kinds of mosquito repellent and

mosquito killer lamp  have been used. Among them, the mosquito killing lamp and electric mosquito repellent incense liquid are the most tangled use which .

Which of these two is more  useful  ? Let’s have a look today.


1、 Judge according to the mosquito removal time

Mosquito killer  lamp, to be honest , is skillfully makes use of the mosquito’s natural preference for light, and attracts and trap  the  mosquito by scattering the

colorful light waves of UV lamp, so as to achieve the effect of eliminating them in the container.This new mosquito control method mainly uses the optical

principle to trap mosquitoes and flies, so its mosquito control effect should be judged according to whether mosquitoes can be attracted by light.


When the night comes, because there is no other light “temptation”, mosquitoes are easy to be attracted by mosquito killer lamp’s UV light. Once the mosquito is

get close  to the mosquito killing lamp, it can quickly eliminate the mosquito . If you want to get rid of mosquitoes at night, it is recommended to use mosquito

killer lamps.(Our product MK-680 is very Conform)


If you want to eliminate mosquitoes when you turn on the light during the day , you might as well choose the electric mosquito repellent incense with odor to kill

mosquitoes instead of the mosquito killer  lamp. Because at this time, if the mosquito killing lamp is blindly selected, the ultraviolet light emitted by it will

become less obvious, which will not achieve the effect of high-efficiency mosquito trap.



2、 According to the indoor area

Generally speaking, electric mosquito repellent incense releases an insecticide into the air to achieve the effect of stun and even kill mosquitoes.

Whether to choose this way to eliminate the mosquito depends on the indoor area. For small areas such as bedrooms and study, the electric mosquito repellent

incense can quickly spread the insecticide into the house, so it is very obvious to use the electric mosquito repellent incense to eliminate mosquitoes at this time.


For places with large areas such as the living room, it takes a long time to spread the insecticide to the whole living room. Therefore, it will be slow to adopt

electric mosquito repellent incense. Therefore,we might as well use the method of mosquito killer  lamp to eliminate mosquitoes.


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Post time: May-21-2022
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