Follow me in this ways to greatly improve the effect of mosquito killer lamp!

Follow me in this ways to greatly improve the effect of mosquito killer lamp!


The mosquito killer lamp is arranged in such a way that it is placed in a different room between the man and the machine, in a dark and humid place, and at the

height of the knee. Anti mosquito cheats advanced plus: lamps tube are consumables, remember to replace them.


We should pay attention to the fact that the long use ‘s lamp tube for mosquito control efficiency is much lower than before. The mosquito control lamp, like the

general fluorescent lamp, is a consumable, and the light decay phenomenon will occur with the use time, which greatly reduces the mosquito control effect. In

principle, if the lamp has been purchased and used for 2 to 3 years (depending on the actual hours of use), it must be replaced with a new lamp, so that the

combat power of the mosquito killing lamp can be improved again.


In addition to replacing the lamp tube, the suction type mosquito control lamp also needs to pay attention to cleaning the internal fan regularly to avoid dust

accumulation affecting the wind force of the fan sucking mosquitoes, resulting in mosquitoes escaping successfully due to the weak wind force.


Eliminate the breeding environment for mosquitoes


Stagnant water is a hotbed for larvae! To avoid being bitten by mosquitoes, the fundamental solution is to thoroughly clean up the home environment and

eliminate the breeding source and number of mosquitoes. As long as we ensure that there are no artificial containers, bottles and buckets with accumulated

water inside and outside our homes, and we are diligent in dredging the ditches, so as not to give mosquito larvae the opportunity and environment to

reproduce, the anti mosquito effect can reach at least 90%.


Understanding the habits and preferences of different mosquitoes can also achieve the benefit of preventing breeding. Tabby mosquitoes prefer clean water,

such as rain water, water basin filtered by watering soil and various containers with accumulated water. The containers can be inverted or covered when not in



As for domestic mosquitoes, they prefer dirty, smelly and rotten water. For example, the accumulated water from kitchen waste, the dirty water from the

washing sink or clothes will make the drains, pipes or ditches stink. In addition, if there is a public toilet in a park or square near your home, it will also emit a

bad smell. It is necessary to dredge the ditches on weekdays to effectively prevent the breeding of domestic mosquitoes.
Pay attention after turning on the mosquito killer lamp in the dark, avoid looking directly at the lamp tube for a long time to avoid eye damage.


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Post time: Aug-17-2022
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