Is it active or passive defense for mosquito prevention in summer?

Is it active or passive defense for mosquito prevention in summer?


A sharp weapon for active kill mosquito


The idea of dealing with mosquitoes can be divided into two schools: active killing and passive defense. Among them,

the active killing faction not only has a long history, but also has intuitive effects. Pyrethroids are the main components

of household insecticides represented by mosquito repellent incense, electric mosquito patch, electric mosquito.


repellent liquid and aerosol insecticide. It is a broad-spectrum insecticide, which can control a variety of pests and has

strong contact killing effect. Its mechanism is to disturb the nerves of insects and make them die from excitement,

spasm to paralysis. When using mosquito killers, in order to better kill mosquitoes, we usually try to keep the indoor

environment in a closed state to maintain the content of pyrethroids at a relatively stable level.


Aerosol insecticides often contain aromatic harmful substances, and people with allergies need to avoid them when

using aerosol insecticides. For example, leave the room immediately after proper spraying, close the doors and windows,

and come back to open the window for ventilation after a few hours, which can ensure the effect and safety of killing

mosquitoes at the same time.


Anti mosquito spray and mosquito repellent water


Keep safe by deceiving the smell of mosquitoes


After that, let’s talk about passive defense. Among them, anti mosquito spray and mosquito repellent water are the main

representatives. Their mosquito repellent principle is to interfere with the smell of mosquitoes by spraying them on the

skin and clothes, using the unpleasant smell of mosquitoes or forming a protective layer around the skin, so that they

can’t smell the special smell emitted by the human body, so as to isolate mosquitoes.



Many people think that the toilet water, which also has the function of “driving away mosquitoes”, is a perfume product

made of toilet oil as the main perfume and alcohol. Their main functions are decontamination, sterilization, anti prickly

heat and antipruritic. Although it can also play a certain anti mosquito effect, compared with anti mosquito spray and

mosquito repellent water, the working principle and main ingredients are completely different, and they cannot be used

instead of each other.



For pregnant women and babies


More recommended physical mosquito prevention method with safety first


Whether it is mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent water or mosquito repellent stickers, they all belong to chemical

mosquito repellent. Although chemical mosquito repellent is effective and convenient, for pregnant women and infants

under six months of age, it is recommended to adopt a safer physical mosquito repellent.


At present, the physical mosquito repellent products on the market mainly include mosquito killing lamps and electric

mosquito rackets. The shape of the electric mosquito racket is very similar to that of a tennis racket. There is high-

voltage static electricity between the metal wires. Just waving the “racket” can electrocute mosquitoes who

unfortunately touch the net. However, due to electricity, it is more recommended for adults to use it.


The mosquito killing lamp uses the phototaxis of mosquitoes to attract them, so that they are inhaled, stuck or

electrocuted, and finally dried and dehydrated to death. The operating decibel of the mosquito killing lamp is low, which

basically has no impact on sleep, and the safety factor is high. You only need to pay attention to setting it in a position

out of the reach of children.


The mosquito killing lamp cannot be placed at the head of the bed or in the bedroom, and its light will affect the quality

of sleep; Moreover, if people live in the same room with UV mosquito killing lamp, mosquitoes will give priority to biting



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