Is mosquito killing lamp effective in bedroom? Is there any harm?

Is mosquito killing lamp effective in bedroom? Is there any harm?


For many years, on the way to prevent and control mosquitoes, most people can only hope on mosquito repellent

products to reduce the contact of mosquitoes with human bodies.


There are many kinds of mosquito control products available on the market, such as mosquito repellent incense,

mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito control spray, electric mosquito killer, mosquito control lamp, etc., ranging from a

few yuan to tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan.


Common mosquito repellent incense, whose effective component is pyrethroid insecticide, is a low toxicity and high

efficiency insecticide permitted by the state. Although the content of mosquito repellent incense is relatively small.

However, if excessive mosquito repellent incense is placed in an airtight room for a long time, it may cause dizziness,

headache, nausea, blurred vision, dyspnea and other poisoning symptoms.


These traditional mosquito control products are difficult for consumers to use with 100% confidence. Consumers have

higher and higher requirements for mosquito control products. They not only expect to achieve mosquito control effects,

but also prefer environmentally friendly, healthy, natural and safe mosquito control products.


Consumers can give priority to physical mosquito control if they want to obtain safe and effective mosquito control

effect. Among many mosquito control products, mosquito control lamp is one of the mosquito control products using

physical mosquito control. Its principle is to use the phototaxis of mosquitoes and simulate human biological

information to attract mosquitoes, and then air dry them to death to achieve physical mosquito control.


For safety reasons, some consumers may give priority to mosquito killing lamps. If the selected mosquito killing lamps

are of inferior quality, it is easy to cause electric shock and other hazards. Not only do they have no mosquito killing

effect, but they will also produce noise problems and affect sleep. At the same time, the emitted lights may also affect

people’s health. Therefore, we must choose the mosquito killer lamp with brand guarantee, so that the product quality

can be guaranteed.


However, the mosquito killing lamp brands on the market are a mixture of good and bad product. Under the banner of

physical mosquito killing, the quality is uneven and there is no mosquito killing effect, making the mosquito killing lamp

just a decoration in the bedroom. Aiming at the pain points of users, Nuoyin Mosquito Lamp achieves efficient mosquito

control in a green, healthy and safe way, wins the hearts of users and stands out in the field of mosquito control. Nuoyin

mosquito killing lamp uses 395nm light wave to lure mosquitoes and 360 degree mosquito catching window to lure

mosquitoes to approach and bid farewell to chemical mosquito killing. At the same time, a green, non-toxic and

harmless plant formula mosquito bait is used to simulate the smell of human body and increase the probability of

trapping. Compared with ordinary mosquito killing lamps, it is more natural, safe and efficient.


In addition to the functions of safe and efficient mosquito control, the presence or absence of noise from mosquito

control lamps is also one of the criteria for evaluating the quality of mosquito control lamps. In the modern high-

pressure urban life, people are more eager for an independent rest space without noise and noise, and even refuse to

accept the buzzing of mosquito killing lamps turned on at night.


The noise generated by most mosquito killing lamps is generally about 40 decibels. In view of the noise generated by the

operation of mosquito killing lamps, Nuoyin mosquito killing lamps have also made great efforts to reduce the noise.

The noise is reduced to 26 decibels through humanized noise reduction design to achieve silent mosquito catching.

What is the concept of 26 decibels? According to the international noise standard, the fluttering sound of a flying

mosquito is 40 dB, and the sound of 26 DB is almost negligible, which meets the quiet indoor environment standard in

the international standard. When the mosquito killing lamp is turned on at night, the sound of the mosquito killing

lamp can hardly be perceived, and quiet operation is realized throughout the night.


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Post time: Sep-14-2022
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