mosquito killer lamp or electric mosquito swatter,Which is better?

mosquito killer lamp or electric mosquito swatter,Which is better?


The weather is getting hotter and hotter. the mosquitoes who are more sensitive to the coming summer than  people.

Mosquitoes lurking in the corner all the winter  and become rampant, which often not only brings germs to people, but

also affects the quality of life; At this time, we need to use some mosquito control tools to deal with mosquitoes. Which

is better, mosquito killer lamp or electric mosquito swatter?

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you to make choices.
1.electric mosquito swatter


The electric mosquito swatter is a small household appliance that takes the initiative to attack. It is more suitable for

relatively closed rooms with bright environments. It can not only kill mosquitoes and flies, but also ants and moths.

When the application circuit of the electric mosquito racket is short circuited instantaneously, it outputs a high DC

voltage. When the mosquito touches the metal grid similar to the tennis racket, it will generate an instantaneous high

voltage discharge and be killed. It has gradually become an essential mosquito killing equipment in summer.But  you

have to use electric mosquito swatter to electric mosquitoes by yourself. it shows that when mosquitoes annoy

you, you have to put down your things you do and then use electric mosquito swatter to electric mosquito.


2. Relatively speaking, the mosquito killing lamp is better and more convenient to use.


Compared with chemical mosquito control methods such as electric mosquito repellent incense and mosquito repellent

incense, mosquito killing lamps are relatively environmentally friendly and healthy. Its principle is 365nm cold

Cathedral UV light to attact mosquitoes. when the mosquito get closer,the fan will Disturbs the airflow and sucks

mosquito into the lamp. Our customer have rarely been bitten by mosquitoes since I used this mosquito killing lamp,

which shows that its effect is very obvious. However, mosquito killing lamps trap mosquitoes through ultraviolet light.

Long term exposure to ultraviolet light will have adverse effects on human skin. Therefore, it is best not to approach the

mosquito killing lamp when using it.


Both the mosquito killer lamp and the electric mosquito swatter are relatively environmentally friendly mosquito

killing tools. Therefore, no matter which one is used, it is very good. However, people should choose according to their

own actual situation when choosing, so as to maximize the use of the tools; There are many ways to kill mosquitoes now,

and the results are actually good. If you need to, you can buy some to try.


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Post time: Jun-08-2022
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