Stick type flykilling lamps

Flykilling lamps way kill can be divided into shock and sticky trap, its principle is done with the wavelength of ultraviolet light lure insect flies, induce insect flies near flykilling lamps, lamp armyworm paper sticky trap type, trial under the tube stick insects live, will not cause secondary pollution, and safe and effective.
Sticky trap type flykilling lamps with built-in jie type UV stick insect insect resistance, cause no secondary pollution, and is helpful to monitor pest species and quantity, the trend. But jie UV resistant armyworm board should be in a black light (commonly known as the UV lamp, wavelength between 300-360 nm), keep a viscous within three months.
Sticky trap type flykilling lamps, in general use indoors. In order to improve the effect, should correctly placed flykilling lamps:
1, less susceptible to collision between personnel and goods;
2, 2 meters installation location, within the scope of the metope with 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply socket;
3, flykilling lamps at the bottom of 1.8-2.0 meters off the ground. At the top of the 0.6-1.2 meters away from smallpox effect is best;
4, doors and Windows open, cannot see the location of the installation from outside;
5, not above the entrance and access door, the best distance from 4 meters or above;
6, not in the dusty, high temperature, cold or air too strong;
7, in the dining area is close to the guest table or boarding, salad bar, the position of the bare food;
8, in the food processing zone cannot be installed in the food processing, cooking, packing, put the upper part of equipment or vessels, and keep the horizontal distance of 1.5 m or above;
9, should not be installed in the outdoor sunshine point-blank or close to the location of the lighting source;

10, not easy to be inventory, ornamental shade the position of the light.


Sticky trap type flykilling lamps, the product can effectively monitor and kill pests, and can beautify your environment, it is a high grade furniture, office environment, airport, hotel, the perfect choice for hospitals and other public places. Sticky trap type flykilling lamps to choose light wavelengths that can trap flies and other insects are hidden inside the anti-ultraviolet viscose plate stick, to kill flies in silent, the user can in hotel, restaurant, cafe, bakery, schools, hospitals and other pest control of high performance is required at ease to use.

Post time: Sep-15-2020
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