Ultraviolet radiation sterilization

Ultraviolet lamp using mercury lamp to realize the function of sterilization, the ultraviolet radiation from the radiation of uv energy is larger, it without protective measures, easy to cause great harm to human body. If the bare skin is this kind of ultraviolet light, light person can appear red and swollen, painful itch, desquamation; The person that weigh even can cause cancer, skin cancer, etc. At the same time, it is “invisible killer”, the eyes can cause inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea, long-term exposure may cause cataracts.
Ultraviolet radiation sterilization to note:
1, can not make ultraviolet (uv) light irradiation to the people, lest cause damage. The effects of ultraviolet radiation to the human body skin and eyes. Human exposure is a short time to start produce skin redness, itching, allergic papule; Long time exposure can make the skin tissue is serious damage, sufficient dose of radiation may even cause skin cancer. Ultraviolet light is also very harmful to the human eyes, a short larger dose irradiation can make red, watery eyes, eyesight whiting, long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation can lead to cataracts, and even blindness. Generally want to enter the room after 20 minutes.
2, use ultraviolet disinfection goods surface, should make the surface of ultraviolet irradiation and direct illuminate, and should achieve enough exposure dose. By the light straight line dissemination, when meet item block, can produce reflection, transmission and absorb. Ultraviolet disinfection requirements per cubic meter of space ultraviolet lamp wattage acuity 1.5 W, irradiation time generally is 30 ~ 60 minutes. And regulations ultraviolet intensity of clothing is not less than 70 ū W/cm2, otherwise the sterilization effect not beautiful or invalid, can not meet the disinfection purposes.
3, the suitable temperature range of ultraviolet disinfection is 20 ℃ and 40 ℃, the temperature is too low will affect disinfection effect. Use ultraviolet disinfection of indoor air, the room should be kept clean in the dry, reduce dust and water mist, the temperature below 20 ℃ or higher than 40 ℃ relative humidity greater than 60% should be appropriately extended exposure time.
4, should also pay attention to the tubes in the application of cleaning and cleaning. New lamp use, can choose 75% alcohol gauze cleaning tube, remove dust and oil pollution of the tubes. In use process, take to wipe, to do a good job of cleaning tube, lest affect deeply purple rate and radiation intensity.


Post time: Sep-15-2020
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