Weather Mosquito lamp is IQ tax? How to choose and buy it?

There are many types of mosquito  killer lamp .In prices from dozens to hundreds of, all say oneself is a high-tech, absolutely effective,

the mosquito killer lamp is useful. so how should  we   to distinguish?

Mosquito lamp weather have specific effects , basically see what is the principle of the mosquitoes, the removal methods of mosquito mainly has two kinds:

1. Is a kind of optical principle, adjust the mosquitoes like the light. changing spectra, transferred to attract mosquitoes in the same frequency.

Mosquitoes are divided into females and males, blood-sucking ‘s female mosquitoes, mosquito by human body quantity of heat, smell, and exhaled carbon dioxide to identify the location of you,

that’s why you always be like by mosquito  , because more heat than others around you, relatively speaking, mosquito lamp or useful, also can’t say intelligence tax.


What are common type of mosquito killer lamp?

Currently on the market of mosquito lamp is light catalyst and carbon dioxide in the two mosquito lamp.

1.Photocatalytic mosquito killer: through the release of light (365 nm to 370 nm) to attract mosquitoes, trapping, after culling is mosquito phototaxis.

2.Carbon dioxide mosquito lamp: by imitating human exhaled carbon dioxide, set up the mosquito lure agent, release carbon dioxide and human body odour of blood-sucking female mosquitoes.

in order to emulate human body more vivid, many businessmen have developed the products send out quantity of heat, and add the function of the early products also together,

such as some using frequency  light waves + co2 + heat pleasing manner, with wind and electric shocks to mosquito, this kind  of mosquito killer  lamp is useful.


The principle for use of mosquito lamp/mosquito killer

1. the darkness of the environment

Mosquitoes are mostly phototaxis, if the room light is too strong, the mosquito will not be attracted mosquito killer lamp, so noy only  blood-sucking mosquitoes, but also can’t catch even the mosquito  don’t bite!

So it’s best way to draw the curtains   during the day and turn off the lights go out at night to  Take a walk !

2. suitable  height

Mosquitoes typically used to stay in high places, if the mosquito killer  lamp put too low a mosquito lure effect is not good, so should be placed at least 1 m height.

3. the appropriate space

Mosquito killer lamp light range and the scope of the carbon dioxide as light heat is limited, so the  best way  to put a a room, the sitting room put two, let mosquitoes nowhere to escape.

4.A closed space

Open doors and Windows, the room will have mosquitoes into unceasingly, you kill a later again to a, just like a weed, burn and spring, so had to space closed mosquit


 Our product MK-680  have strong  mosquito lure effect, biological induction technology,  simulate human UV purple light wave,

this is also belong to the pure physical mosquito, better mute, around 25 decibels, and mainly small power consumption, and environmental protection.

After the lights by luring effect, luring neri suction fan, the mosquito suction air drying chamber, air drying mosquito. 360 degrees,

can achieve a wide range of mosquito lure, scattering distance is far, 20-55 ㎡ area are applicable.





Post time: May-18-2022
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