What is the working principle of the mosquito killer lamp? How to choose mosquito killer lamp?

What is the working principle of the mosquito killer lamp?

How to choose  mosquito killer lamp?

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, while enjoying the pleasure brought by summer, we will inevitably be attacked by

the mosquitoes. We have found many ways to kill the mosquitoes, but we can’t get rid of the harassment of mosquitoes.

In particular, people who  attract  mosquito are often bitten  without paying attention. Today,  we will introduce the

mosquito killer lamp. I believe many friends don’t know it very well, Today, let’s introduce the working principle of

mosquito killer lamp and how to choose them?


1、 Working principle of mosquito killer lamp


The working principle of the mosquito killer lamp is to use the phototaxis and temperature sensitivity of mosquitoes to

lure mosquitoes into the mosquito catching range of the mosquito killer lamp, then inhale them into the mosquito

storage box by wind, and then kill them by air drying to kill them. the electric type mosquito killer lamp is killing

mosquito by electric shock . Compared with mosquito repellent incense, liquid mosquito repellent incense and other

chemical methods, the mosquito killer lamp adopts physical methods such as air drying and motor to kill mosquitoes,

which greatly improves the safety.



2、 How to choose mosquito killer lamp?


1. Type of mosquito killer lamp


Mosquito killer lamps are mainly divided into three types: electric shock type, inhalation type and adhesive type. These

three types are common mosquito killer lamps at present. At present, the electric shock type + inhalation type is more

practical, and the mosquito killer efficiency is higher.


The suction type uses the strong suction of the turbine technology to keep the mosquitoes in the mosquito storage box,

and then uses the wind to dry the mosquitoes. Electric shock type is to use electric current to kill mosquitoes that are

close. Adhesive type is to catch mosquitoes with glue after trapping mosquitoes.


2. Noise of mosquito killer lamp


The mosquito killer lamp is usually used at night. In order not to affect normal sleep, the noise of the mosquito killer

lamp must be within a certain range. The buzzing sound of the refrigerator is about 35 dB, and the sound of whispering

is about 45 dB. Therefore, the noise of the mosquito killer lamp is about 40 dB. So it won’t  make noise to wake you up

when you sleep.


3. Power consumption of mosquito killer lamp


The power consumption of mosquito killer lamps also needs to be considered. Mosquito killer lamps are usually plugged

in. However, the power consumption of mosquito killer lamps is also very small, which is very energy-saving.it won’t

consumpte much electricity in a month .

4. Material of mosquito killer lamp


At present, the common mosquito killer lamps are made of high-quality ABS material, while the cheap mosquito killer

lamps mostly use recycled plastic, which is difficult to guarantee the quality, and there are certain potential safety

hazards.you should pay attention to the material when you buy mosquito killer lamp.



Mie Kang  High quality mosquito killer lamp model recommendation


Our company is Professional in mosquito killer lamp since 2012. We also have many kind of indoor mosquito killer lamp

and outdoor solar panel mosquito killer lamp. Many customer feedback that our product is very useful.


MK-680(inhalation type)


Product feature 

  1. powerful UV light –cold cathode 365nm wave ultraviolet
  2. 360°light around USB cable ,
  3. wireless portable design 5v DC safe voltage.it can be connct to computer
  4. Glue trap board inside insect mosquito can not escape
  5. Excellent flame retardant material

MK-B30(electric shock type)


product   features

  1. Ac power,mosquito killer lamp will more steady.
  2. Manual version,can 24 hours on work
  3. ABS + aluminum ,beautiful,generous,economic
  4. 395nm Uv lamp

MY-2170(adhesive type)


Product  feature 

1.  Material: high quality ABS
2.Specially designed ,High effective, the UV lamp attract flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects to the glue board. 

3. Environmental No Poison ,No noise, no Burning smell, pollution free safe for human being and pets.

4. Have CE, ROHS certificate 

5. used indoor wall mounting only, clamshell-type
6. Easy installation, easy maintenance  



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Post time: Jun-23-2022
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