Where is the mosquito killer lamp place so that the effect is good ?

Where is the mosquito killer lamp place so that the effect is good ?


Here are the advices:

1. The mosquito killer lamp should be placed in the dark corner where mosquitoes and flies are most likely to gather.

2. Mosquito killer lamps should be placed at a height of 1.5 to 2 meters from the ground to achieve the best killing effect.

3. When placing the mosquito killer lamp, avoid directly facing the door, window, etc. to prevent attracting mosquitoes and flies from outside.

4. The mosquito killer lamp should avoid direct light, and do not direct it in the sun.

5. Mosquito killer lamps need to be powered on and should not be stored in places with high temperature, humidity, water, dust or corrosive gases.

6. When using the mosquito killer lamp, choose to close the doors and windows or screen doors and windows when it is just dark in the evening, turn off the lights and leave, and focus on killing mosquito for 2 to 3 hours for one to two weeks.


Be careful:

The mosquito killer lamp cannot be placed at the head of the bed or in the bedroom, and its light will affect the quality of sleep; Moreover, if people live in the same room with UV mosquito killer lamp, mosquitoes will give priority to biting people.


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Post time: Jul-21-2022
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